photograph courtesy of tarsian and blinkley
From Afghanistan: Made by Hand - and Heart
Fashion of Tarsian & Blinkley

Fashion: the endless attraction of the new. Yet, more often than not, the style-savvy simply turn to an overflowing trunk of trends past to revamp and rejuvenate. And with sexy, glamorous label ‘Tarsian and Blinkley’, gurus of gorgeousness are currently turning eyes to the ethno-chic of the East. Those beautifully-beaded vests, and deliciously gathered skirts shimmering from the catwalks of Milan to the princesses of Park Ave spun to life in Afghanistan, the crossroads of Asia.

But these silks and satins are different, for they’re lovingly crafted by local women battling to cultivate their century-old skills - to sew, thread and bead their way to a better life. Founded by Sarah Takesh in 2003, working individually with each woman to develop their unique handicraft skills and paying wages above national standards: the revolutionary fashionista creates the most attractive Afghan artisanship - while they gain utmost peace of mind.

For the first time: gorgeous style meets global awareness. Now that’s attractive and new.

Available at Spooly D's, 51 Bleecker Street, at Lafayette Street (212-598- 4415), Butter, 389 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, (718 260 9033) and online at

By Becky Lucas