Sitting Pretty
New & Classic Trends in Chair Design

By Nancy E. Leung

The New Turks

Did you know every chair has its own name? We visited the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York to bring you the latest in chair and lounge design. And we added the name so that you seem a true connoisseur when you ask for it!

Circo Solo Chair by COR

German design company Cor's latest luxury item is a magnificent modern individual chair with a tall backrest that protectively encompasses the occupant. A place of retreat for listening to music, reading or just feeling like you're in 2050. The lumbar cushion gives the back extra support and makes Circo Solo incredibly comfortable. The armchair rests on a rotating plate allowing you easily swing away from a boring conversation.

Croissant Sofa by KennethCobonpue

Critically acclaimed designer Kenneth Cobonpue is regarded as leader of a new movement incorporating new technologies with traditional furniture making skills. Discovering that modern design could have a new face using natural fibers and materials as the medium, he creates timeless pieces such as the Croissant Sofa shown here. Integrating locally sourced organic materials with innovative hand-made production techniques offers a unique alternative to the Western definition of modern design.

Corono Chair by B9 Furniture

A brand new design that also incorporates light, Corona is a clean geometric cube chair and loveseat perfect for nightclubs, visual merchandising or adding spark to contemporary spaces. Corona is constructed with polypropylene sheet, polished aluminum extrusions and high quality white vinyl upholstery. The chair's light source comes from six self- contained t4 fluorescent fixtures that are accessible from the bottom of the chair. Expect to see this in the hottest clubs and bars or in your very own Bar Moi.

The Ever Modern Classics

You have probably seen these chair classics everywhere. It seems that our merchants infer them as pieces to represent the ultimate design sense. Although they are widely recognized, do we know anything about them? Who were the designers and when and why were they originally designed? Here's the scoop:

The Ultimate Lounge Chair and Ottoman
by Herman Miller


Designed by Ray and Charles Eames in 1956, it is considered the most comfortable chair ever made. It combines the technical (bent plywood frame) and hand (sewn leatherwork) craftsmanship in one chair. It was originally designed as a gift for the movie director, Billy Wilder. This chair and its matching ottoman are still made by the original manufacturer, Herman Miller, USA.

Barcelona Chair by Knoll

Anytime a sleek and sophisticated setting is illustrated, this chair is usually present. Designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, for the German National Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition. It is often shown as a lounge chair, however, it does not offer the comfort of a lounge chair and that is because, it was primarily designed for the reception of King Alphonso XIII of Spain and other German officials, where upright, regal seating was needed. Although, there are many replicas of this chair on the market, it is still available through the original manufacturer, Knoll, USA


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