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Influence. From launch in May 2004, SWAY has grown rapidly and now draws more than 10,000 visits a month. And not just anyone. SWAY readers include influencers of Middle Eastern origin, giving marketing messages on SWAY a broader impact. Online now and in print fall 2004 - SWAY counts only active readers.

Audience. SWAY's audience of upscale, enthusiastic online consumers and entertainment aficionado is particularly responsive to advertisers of entertainment and media related products, as well as luxury goods and travel.

Demographics. SWAY's readership survey confirmed the following statistics about our readers:

· Location. Over 90% readers of Middle Eastern origin, majority in the US and the UK
· Age. Majority range 26-45
· Education. Over 85% university graduates
· Income. 30% over 100K household income; 2/3 over 50K
· Real Estate. Over 75% have searched for property online
· Travel. Over 85% purchase airline tickets online
· Media Products. Purchase books (90%+), dvds/videos (60%+), and music cds (80%) online

Our particularly enthusiastic and loyal readers have indicated that they will be more likely to purchase from companies advertising on SWAY. For more information on our readership, contact .

Units. In addition to standard advertising units, SWAY is open to discussions on other sponsored content packages, ranging from exclusive sponsorships of categories to custom built campaign blogs. Email to to discuss.

We can offer significant discounts for first time advertisers, as well as advertisers with multiple bookings. We accept static and animated gif and jpg ads, as well as Flash, with approved creative. Creative must be pre-approved by SWAY. Email to Contact if you are interested.

Payment. Our minimum purchase of $250 is payable by bank account or credit card via Paypal prior to running your advertisement for regular sponsorships. We accept checks and bank transfers for CPM campaigns. Contact to arrange.